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Friday Morning Writing Hour
St Augustine's Arts and Events Centre, Brighton

'In just a few sessions I found myself thinking very differently about what I was writing, what I could be writing, and why.'

Jo O.

Fridays, 10–11am

The first block of 6 sessions: 6th May – 17th June 2022

(no session on 3rd June)

Fee: £65  

Drop-in places also available: for info.

Tutor: Susanna Jones

Maximum 9 participants

Creative writing sessions for writers of all levels and experience. 

Bring pen and paper, grab a coffee from the lovely cafe at St Augustine's and join us in the Lady Chapel for an hour of writing. How better to end your week than with the satisfaction of knowing you're definitely going to have a new piece of writing? 

Each week we will take a different theme or topic. We'll use photographs, objects and other prompts to inspire us. You might use the sessions to help you develop a scene or chapter for something you're working on already, a stand-alone piece or the beginnings of brand new work. The prompts will work for any form or genre.

You'll have the opportunity to share what you're writing, discuss ideas and ask questions. However, there is no pressure to read anything aloud. Our priority is to get the words down on the page and for you to do so in an engaging and supportive environment.

The sessions will be scheduled in six-week blocks with breaks of a week or two between.