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Friday writing prompt

It's December and at Pebble Beach we're complaining, as we like to do, that the year has been a blur. We can't really account for it all and this year seems blurrier than most. Of course, when something prompts us, we remember events and routines in vivid detail. It just takes a taste, a phrase, an image, a conversation and it's all there, concertinaed, easy to open up.

Whether you want to get some personal experience down onto paper or find new material for fiction, now is a great time to do it. Once you get started, you'll find a wealth of material, new perspectives and fresh clarity.

Here are some photos that may or may not bear any resemblance to the 2021 that you (or your fictional characters or people you know) remember. Try picking one or two out and seeing where the images take you.

To explore further, come along tomorrow (Saturday 4th December) to our online session with Susanna Jones. It will be a relaxed and friendly session with plenty of time to reflect on and write about personal moments or current events (or both) from this year.

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