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Friday writing prompt.

In last Monday's writing session we looked at ways of bringing music into our writing. Some people used the rhythm or mood of a piece of music to shape or direct their writing. Some found the arc of a piece of music gave them whole new narratives to work with or directions to take that felt riskier or more adventurous than usual. One writer found the answer to a problem in her current work in progress where she needed to create space at the end of a sequence of events. A character listening to or playing music may reveal unexpected, intriguing things about their inner world.

But let's think about singing in particular. Singing brings people together – around pianos, in cars, at karaoke nights, in choirs, football crowds or churches – and can give them strength. Singing solo, however, can make people feel exposed and small. If someone hears you singing in the shower, how do you feel, or do you make sure no one would ever hear you in the first place?

In each picture below, someone is singing or just about to sing. What songs are they singing? Pick one and try to imagine the song being sung and the scene unfolding.

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