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Saturday 4th December, 9.30–11.30am. Online. £22.

By December, a year can feel distinctly blurred, especially if you spent the first months of it in lockdown. In this session we'll take time to look back on the year and find the things we want to write about and keep. You might find new scenes, stories, characters, dialogue, settings for your writing or just enjoy the chance to reflect on events from your own life and put them on paper. There are bound to be some surprises. You may uncover things you'd almost forgotten, things you'd like to explore much further.

Bring a coffee or tea, pen and paper, your work in progress if you have one. By the end of the session you should have the beginnings of new work or new layers and directions for your work in progress.

The atmosphere will be friendly and relaxed. You won't have to read anything aloud during the class but there will be some discussion in pairs or small groups. The point of the session is for participants to be able to write freely and without self-consciousness.

Writers of all levels and experience are very welcome, including complete beginners.

You're welcome to turn your camera off while you're writing but we appreciate it if you keep it on for the rest of the workshop.

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