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Unreliable Narrators

They'll tell us the story as they want us to hear it but, if we want the truth, we'll have to read between the lines...

1. J is a pillar of her community. She volunteers in a local charity shop and is on several church committees. You can always rely on J. She gets on with things and has no time for self-pity.  Many years ago there was a terrible event/tragedy for which J was wholly or partly responsible.  She has never spoken about it and never intends to.  J keeps busy. She is also an expert cake decorator. Whenever her mind starts to wander, she stops it going further by coming up with a new idea for a cake and she starts decorating.

2. L is fascinated by events at her neighbours’ house.  Something scandalous is going on. Yet neither the other neighbours nor the police are interested, even when she shows them the detailed notes she has compiled. They seem to suggest she’s spending a lot of time watching her neighbours’ house.  Why will no one take her seriously?

3. G likes people to know about his big house, fast car, golf club membership and the long holiday he is planning to take soon in an exotic location.  Sometimes when he’s talking, his friends nod and don’t seem entirely convinced but he doesn't know why because it's all true. Not that he has many friends. Most are really acquaintances.  When he was a child he had blissful holidays on the Isle of Wight and often thinks about those days.

4. A is eight. One day she comes home from school to find that her father isn't there. Over the next days, he doesn’t come back but, when she asks where he is, no one gives her an answer that seems to make sense. She comes up with her own theory as to where he has gone. She likes adventure stories, puzzles and games. People often tell her she daydreams too much.


5. P has been arrested, suspected of breaking into a property and stealing something/assaulting someone. During his interrogation, P’s memory seems to fail him at crucial moments. At other times, it's absolutely fine. P would never hurt a soul, unless it was absolutely necessary.

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